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Hunter21 makes a repeat appearance on the list, with another Kansas City Royals blog. Today, Hunter wants to know why the Royals haven't tried to pick up Barry Bonds. It's a good blog, but I think that answer is clear...he's Barry Bonds, and it's the Royals. Even for a disgrace like Barry, going to Kansas City is not an option. It would make him an even bigger joke than he already is. I'm pretty sure that's why he's not on the Rays right now.

Dbacksfan414 keeps us as up to date as possible with some midday NCAA tournament projections. According to this user, there are eight at-large bids left to be claimed. Dbacksfan also says that Villanova, Arizona State, Dayton, and UAB have all but eliminated themselves after recent losses.

 Meanwhile badgers141 was Steady Bloggin with some afternoon projections of his own. I'm sure the differences aren't major, but hey, it's always good to get a second opinion!

Dirty dookisevil wants to know what's in your bedside drawer? It's typically a place to hide "fun" things, and so far, that posters on this blog have not disappointed. Momluvsfootball even tells us about a special remote-controlled device that her daughter found....."Dear Penthouse," OK, maybe it's not quite a forum letter, but it is pretty funny. Check out the appropriately named dook's buzz!

People suck. Well, not all people, but definitely the five on OKmanUbet's People Who Suck List. This member starts the list with Lee Corso, Randy Jackson, Darryl Royal, Roger Clemens, and Brittany Spears, but invites us all to add our own. Oh, and did I mention that OKman has a rant for each of these mother suckers?

Check out chicubs24's Sports Blog for a season preview of Chicago's "other" baseball team. I've got to say, this guy knows his stuff. He gives us breakdowns of the lineup, rotation, bullpen, prospects and even off-season moves. This blog is everything that a lazy Cub fan needs!
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While you were sleeping


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Some people have said that Joe Girardi's tough spring training regiment will have the Yankees in better early-season form than in years past. Nynasty, however, cautions fans about being too optimistic. Nasty says the Bombers may not start as hot as expected after playing a franchise-record 18 games on the road this April. The Yankees long road trip will be due to Pope Benedict XVI's April 20 Mass at Yankee Stadium.

After the emotional departure of Brett Favre, whack34 started thinking about the day when his quarterback, Peyton Manning, will have to hang up the spikes. Will it be like Favre? Will it be as perfect/beautiful as Reggie Miller's final ovation a few years back? Will Peyton stay too long? Will he walk out at the top of his game? All good questions. Does anyone want to guess at the answers?

Without fail, dantheman4250 continues to bring us everything we need from the world of college basketball. Check out the conference tournament breakdown for the latest scores and a preview of Friday's action. Or, take a look at this users daily bracketology and bubble watch to see how the NCAA tournament is shaping up.

Pablo6922 has his thoughts on all of yesterdays sports action. This users touches on everything from last night's losses by Stanford and Xavier, to Javon Kearse's return and Prince Fielder's contract. For a little bit of everything sports, the aptly-named ALL BALL! is the place to be.

It seems like anyone old enough to remember Richard Pryor either loves him or hates him. For those of you who don't know his comedy, think about an X-rated version of Bill Cosby. If that sounds like something you might like, look it up. However, if you've already got a few favorites from Richard, Unitas asks you to share them in his blog And now, it's baseball time.

DKM continues to solicit your help in his quest to put together the greatest football team of all time. This week's focus? Tackles. So far, Anthony Munoz and Walter Jones seem to be the leading candidates. Name your players and cast your votes at BLOG YOU!!!
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While you were sleeping

I'm starting to think that no list will be complete this month without giving a little love to dantheman4250. Once again, here are dan's daily bracketology and bubble watch. On today's bracket, Florida drops out, while Virginia Tech moves in to the top 65.

Dbacksfan414 gives us our daily college basketball update, with another dose of conference tournament coverage. This user gives us all the scores, as well as the upcoming matchups and brief summaries of recent action.

Somewhere between childhood and midlife, camping in the wild outdoors lost a little bit of its charm for moluvsfootball. Maybe it started during her military days, when something slithered over her hand while she waited in a gully during a night exercise. Or, maybe it was the scorpions in the shower tent. Of course, it also could have been the tarantula that crawled up through the floorboard to surprise her. Check out mom's story By the light of the Coleman.

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window? In Bull's Rates & Services, snowblader228 gives us a list of puzzling questions that are sure the have you...well...confused. Why do people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?

Dookisevil is once again calling for the women of the CBSSports.com community to unite and take a stand. More beefcakes? No, not this time. This time, dook in championing the fight against skid marks in men's tighty-whities. OK, let me make a stand for my guys here. First, we do know how to wipe ourselves properly. Secondly, there are several reasons for me to believe that any such residue would probably come from "before deployment", not after. Two of those reasons are: 1. It's not as socially acceptable for men to go to the bathroom 15 times a day -- we're busy, we can hold it (almost). 2. Men's bathrooms are dirty. It's fine if you're standing, but if you're going to sit, sometimes you probably just want to wait until you get home. Also, we're not using any bidets or wet wipes. It's ridiculous. It won't happen. Plus, with a bidet, you then have a wet butt to dry off. Water, toilet paper and hair don't mix (remember, we have hair). Talk about dingleberries. This entire problem would be easily solved if all guys wore boxers, which don't creep up the crack. That's what I do 90 percent of the time, and I never seem to have any problems.

I know Brett Favre's probably retirement has a lot of football fans pretty emotional but, until last night, I hadn't seen a poem about the guy. Irishfan2191 gives up Gunslinger of the Gridiron: The Story of Brett Favre.
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While you were sleeping

Somebody must have really gotten to bigdgmac last night, because in his morning blog (rant), this user tells all Cowboy-haters to come up with some new material. He tells us that we can no longer say Jerry Jones is a bad owner. He tells us that "Tony Homo" isn't a very clever insult. He tells us that Terrell Owens has turned over a new leaf, so we should forget about the past. He even tells us that he's aware that his team hasn't won a playoff game in 10 years. Ha ha! Good luck with that one, gmac. However, since he is looking for some new insults, why don't you leave him a few in his blog Down in the swampland anything goes...

We step inside the Mind of the Big B again this morning, This time, we take a look at the NBA superstars of tomorrow. Once the old guard leaves the game, which young star will lead his team to the most titles? Dwyane Wade already has one. LaBron has been to the doorstep. Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh all have plenty of potential. See how Big B breaks down these players chances.

One day after Brett Favre's apparent retirement, BigDaddyWVU wonders where Favre stacks up among the all-time greats. According to Big Daddy's View, the Packers iron man comes in at No. 5 on the list. I can't really argue. I never saw Unitas, but the other three ahead of him seem like solid picks.

As always, dantheman4250 can be counted on for the latest in college basketball. Last night, this user gave us his conference tournament breakdowns, complete with a preview of Wednesday's action. Of course, we also got our daily doses of Dan's bracketology and bubble watch.

For some reason, trading recipes has become kind of a cult hit within the CBSSports.com community. Do we have mom to thank? In any case, I never would have guessed it. Now, Jimmy_the_Greek takes a break from posting his latest picks to tell us how to make some pretty tasty-sounding garlic mashed potatoes. I sure do love them taters, Mmmmhhhmm! Check out Spits PICKS before you start dinner tonight.

Frustrated with threads that constantly change topics, HavokHawk has decided to start his very own Seahawks blog. First order of business - Tim Ruskell; genius or madman? I mean, who expected to see Duckett or Wahle? I must admit, Seattle has become one of the most unpredictable teams in the league. Jump in this blog to become The 12th man.
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While you were sleeping

Banned Poster gives us his probable picks for the MLB comeback players of the year. Topping the five player list of National League players is Dodger third baseman Nomar Garciaparra. On the American League side, BP is eying Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano. To me, the lists look pretty good except for one name - Dallas McPherson. The guy has only had two seasons where he's had over 100 at bats! Don't you have to be a decent everyday player at some point for it to be considered a "comeback"? Right now, I think he would have to be considered a favorite for the "finally lived up to some of his expectations" award.

The blogosphere now has its first arena football entry. Dr2ndHalf used his inaugural effort to bring us power rankings and team breakdowns following the first game of the season. Look out Bears, the Chicago Rush are at the top of the heap after a 70-47 win over the defending champion San Jose SaberCats. The win places the Rush in a tie atop the Mitsubishi Central Division. Wow, that took a little research. For more, check out this user's 2008 Arena Football Blog.

Every NFL team has been busy the last couple days, working hard to get deals done before they have to start looking toward the draft. Teddydupay4 gives us his winners and losers thus far in his Verbal Scourging. How did New England end up a loser? Read the blog to find out!

Do you love nonsense? JudgementDay does. In fact, he's figured out that he spends 6 percent of his waking hours posting "nonsensical crap" on this website. Six percent?! Come on, I know you could kick that up to 15 or 20. This user also enjoys coloring books, playing presidential debates in reverse and getting approved for new credit cards. Now that's some nonsense. This Might mean something to you...

Many college hoops fans are feeling a little tense this time of year. I mean, nobody wants to be relegated to the NIT, do they? Dantheman4250 brings us his Bubble Watch. If you're a fan of Pitt, Syracuse, Massachusetts, Ohio State, Kansas State, Creighton, USC, Kentucky, Florida or many, many other teams on the line, then you probably want to take a look at this one.

Amerigo Vespuci implores all of us in the CBSsports.com community to fondle breasts. That's right, but it's not what you think. This is a serious piece in which Amerigo tells her personal story, and urges all of us to do our part in detecting breast cancer. It's just another Life Lesson for the Male Sportsfan.
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While you were sleeping

Bigtenboy07 tells fantasy baseball users to pass on Phat Albert this year. Although he has been a fantasy stud in the past, this member gives the community five reasons why Albert Pujols is unworthy of a first-round pick in 2008. As good as Pujols is, I have to agree. The nagging elbow injury that has been with Albert since 2003 seems to be getting worse. I'd probably wait until round two or three. Check out the rest of the reasons in BigTen's Fantasy Baseball Blog.

Last night brought two more solid contributions from dantheman4250. As always, this guy projects the field and seeding for the Big Dance in his Bracketology blog. But, if your team is one of the few teetering on the cusp of a tournament berth, you might want to check out his Bubble Watch.

TennFan1975 is going to Vegas, baby! There's just one problem, he needs your advice on what to do and where to do it. It's easy to get lost or hustled in Sin City, so if anybody has experience at the casinos, bars or...um...gentleman's establishments, give TennFan the heads up in The Blog About Nothing. My only advice is this: No matter what you're doing, never, ever talk about money on the street....not even how you lost it all. They're like Vultures, man! Vultures!

Mom's sex series may be over, but she still has plenty on her mind. In today's In Love with the Game Mom's View we find out that uniform color, of all things, played a key role in her decision to enlist in the Air Force. Also, we get a great recipe for chocolate velvet cake. This one looks too good to pass up. Butter cream frosting? Fuggidaboudit. Yeah, I'll definitely have to ask the wife to supervise me in the kitchen.

With mom's series complete, JudgementDay picked up the mantle for sexual discussion. While mom started with the feminist revolution of the mid-twentieth century, this user goes back a little further, and by a little, I mean four million years. This user ponders how sexual tendencies in ancient humans have been passed on to people alive today. Through cultural evolution, are some of us predisposed to sexual promiscuity? Are some us more compelled towards lifetime mating and caring for our children? Take a look, this just Might mean something to you.

If a user bashes his favorite teams, does that make him a bad fan? Andrew1316 doesn't think so. This user simply can't handle it when a player, coach, GM or owner is screwing with the future of one of his favorite teams. Optimism is reserved for the successful. Prepare thine self for a tongue-lashing! Andrew pleads his case in Toronto Sports (plus Bills) are the best.

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While you were sleeping

Do you remember what it's like when you're waiting for a great movie to come out? Think back... Maybe it was Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, the new Disney flick, something with Will Ferrell. That's the same anticipation the blogosphere has had while awaiting the final chapter in momluvsfootball's series on Sexuality, Sensuality and More. Whether you're a man or a woman, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. I still think there are a few holes in the theory, but it's a great read either way.

"People will come, Ray. People will most definitely come." If you're not that excited about the coming of baseball, just click that first link to hear one of the greatest monologues in movie or baseball history. Jzinger34 starts his first blog with this epic quote, and then tells us why, despite the recent scandals, Major League Baseball still holds a special place in this country. Don't get me started. All I can say is, I couldn't agree more. Let zinger tell you why in What used to be America's game.

Dantheman4250 has quickly become a staple on the list with his daily NCAA tournament Bracketology blog. If you're in to college hoops this is definitely the place to be.

After a tight win over Ole Miss, Kentucky fan GrimReefer66 is worried, and rightly so, about his team's game at Tennessee this Sunday. Direct quote: "The thought of visiting Knoxville makes me sick to my stomach. I will be genuinely surprised if we don't lose by 30." Yeah, so will a lot of people. This user gives us a list of rants and reasons why his team continues to struggle in Hazy Thoughts.

MiamiHuskerFan got a collector's edition DVD of some old Chicago Cubs baseball games. Now, he's Gotta get some things off his chest. Namely, which Cubs games are his favorites of all-time. Anything with Harry Caray has got to be pretty classic since we haven't been able to hear him for a while now. Also, you've got to let me know who makes that DVD set. I'm wondering if that's something they sell for every team.

Apparently, tennis is a game haunted by demons. BlueCollarIT talks about all the times during a match when the voices in his head tell him it can't be done, or remind him of his past errors. I'm glad to see you're new to the game, because if you weren't, I'd have to call you crazy. If you're looking for a little internal struggle, check out TenAce Anyone.
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While you were sleeping

Snowblader228 makes a repeat appearance on the list with his NFL Truths & Rumors. Today, blader wonders if the Cardinals will be able to hold on to Larry Fitzgerald, and if the Dolphins will be able to snatch up Alan Faneca and Flozell Adams. Another rumor has the Redskins looking for a big-name receiver. No kidding. Next you'll tell me that the guy will be overpaid. Can you imagine how much a Randy Moss could bleed out of Washington?

Sexuality, Sensuality and More; momluvsfootball gave us the fourth installment in her series about the double-standards that exist between men and women athletes. OK, mom, I can see where you're going with this. My question today is this: Are male athletes actually posing for Playgirl Magazine? Maybe that's the problem with your argument. If they are, I certainly had no idea. It's just like the beefcake calendars you're talking about. We're not giving these guys a free pass because they're men, we (most sports fans are men) just don't pay attention to this stuff. On the other hand, we do notice every picture or commercial containing, even a slightly attractive female athlete, most of which are marginally successful at their sport. Until we see an attractive woman who can dominate her sport, we'll never know for sure. Maria Sharapova is about the best example I can come up with. She's not dominant, but she's good, and I don't think she gets ripped at all for being a sex symbol.

Vanderbilt grad araker is, of course, proud to be a Commodore this morning. This user braved the snowy highways, and drove from southern Indiana to attend the game last night. He says the excitement and anticipation was evident as soon as his car radio started getting the Nashville signal. Check out this member's blog for a first-person account of the game.

Dantheman4250 is back on the list with his college basketball bracketology. Once again, this user gives us an in-depth look at all the teams that are in, or near, the tournament field. Interestingly, last season's championship competitors are struggling near the bubble. Yesterday, Dan placed the Gators back in the top 64, while the Buckeyes dropped out of the pack this morning.

Who will be NBA Coach of the Year? If you're looking for a little NBA fodder, check out North Harbour's first blog, Musings of the Blasphemous Zeitgeist. (That sounds like a great band name. You could call it Mob-Z for short.) Anyway, this guy breaks down eight of the top dogs, eventually reaching a stalemate between Phil Jackson and Byron Scott. So, who's your guy?

For most of us, our awakening as a sports fan was one of the best times in our life. It's the time when you start to relate to your dad as a "man". You ask questions, and you memorize insignificant things the commentators say in an attempt to impress the big guy with your knowledge. I'm not sure how it worked for the women on the site, but for us men, that is male-bonding at its finest. BuffsFan55 gives us his own story about these special times in CU Buffaloes! Past, Present and Future. What's more, this member thinks the Buffs may be turning things around, and says that the current atmosphere in Colorado is making him feel like a 10 year old boy once again.
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